The Harmonica is probably the most underrated instrument in the world. This may be because it's small and people think it's really easy to play or that it's not taken seriously. Only harmonica players know the truth about the power and expression of their small but powerful instrument.

Of course we all know the harmonica as a Blues instrument and whilst the blues is crucial to the evolution of harmonica styles ( and Vice Versa) , the diatonic harmonica is used widely in many styles of music and it's limits are few.

Why play the harmonica

Harmonica for your Health

Apparently the harmonica is good for your health-  so many doctors and medical professionals say. It's often recommended as a therapy for people suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

as it promotes such deep breathing.

We also know that learning a musical instrument is great for memory, posture and building cognitive skills.

As if you need any more good reasons....!

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