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Here's your first quick lesson!

Welcome to the Harmonica Barge,  we are committed to delivering patient and friendly harmonica tuition for all ages and abilities.  You may have watched a hundred You Tube videos or taken online courses, but the truth is there's no substitute for Lessons with a Professional experienced teacher.


There are many reasons to learn harmonica: Maybe it's for health reasons, you love the blues or just want to impress your friends and family. Regardless of the reason, the harmonica is the most underrated instrument around. 


We offer harmonica lessons in London with years of experience teaching harmonica- often to people with no musical background whatsoever.

Blues harp lessons are a big part of what we do alongside other styles of music. Our London harmonica teacher is a music graduate and professional educator  who'll accompany you through a tried and tested programme of harmonica lessons that's worked for hundreds of learners.

In addition to teaching face-to-face, we do many harmonica lessons online via skype and zoom. Harmonica lessons online are a great way to learn and we currently have students in places as diverse as Pennsylvania and Angola.


New West-London Workshop Programme coming soon!

Email here for more details