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You give great lessons Ed. I'm amazed that more harmonica players haven't found you. I've been surfing and playing with many YouTube instructors from Gussow to Leckie but I find yours to be the most approachable and helpful. Please keep helping beginner/intermediate players like me who are trying to gain enough confidence to jam on stage!!! 

                Michael, UK

                                                   Welcome to the Harmonica Barge


Take control of your harmonica playing and begin the voyage of development, fun and satisfaction.

There are many reasons to learn harmonica: maybe it's for health reasons, you love the blues or just want to impress your friends and family.  Regardless of the reason, the harmonica is probably the world's most underrated instrument.

The Harmonica Barge offers a range of pre-recorded harmonica video lessons and courses.

I also offer harmonica lessons in London and globally via Zoom. 

Students range from beginners with no musical background to professional musicians and bandleaders hoping to further their skillset. 

Blues harp lessons are a big part of what I do alongside other styles of music especially folk, roots, country & bluegrass.  As a London harmonica teacher, music graduate and professional educator, I'll accompany you through a tried and tested programme of harmonica lessons that's worked for hundreds of learners.


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