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"Great workshop today - thank you! I love your teaching      philosophy, to pass on a few basic skills and get us         straight onto jammin’ to some (loud) music. What a   laugh, and I learned loads too"

                                            Elizabeth Molineux

The Harmonica is a great instrument for large and small groups. At the harmonica barge, we do workshops all over the country at festivals and here in London.


The sessions can be tailored for specific groups and are completely accessible for non-musicians, beginners, children or pensioners.

We always to make the sessions inclusive and informal using a variety of songs, backing tracks and percussion. 

Prepare to have lot's of fun playing music!

The Harmonica barge has been working alongside The Idler Academy for the last few years. We've given many workshops for the Idler at their Cafe in West London and now at Pedlars shop, Portobello rd. They are a fantastic organisation offering adult workshops in many courses. Ed also teaches a popular 12-part online course that's taken by people all over the world.

Workshop for Visa Europe

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