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"Ed's country blues course level 1 is a truly priceless course. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to support yourself with rhythm and licks together. This is why I purchased it and I'm over the moon with how it has helped my playing so far".

                      Cheers from Nova Scotia Canada,   Ryan

Work through expertly crafted lessons at your own pace!

Suggested Pathways

Complete beginners: 

Folk & Blues Level 1 and & 2. 


Bluegrass & Country Beginners: 

Folk & Blues 1. Then either Folk & Blues 2 or go to Bluegrass & Country 1 and 2. 

 Bluegrass & Country Intermediate:  

Bluegrass & Country 2 followed by any Bluegrass In Depth Lessons ( Worried Man Blues, Cripple Creek, Going down that road feeling bad, Cindy)

Country Blues Lovers: 

Country Blues Level 1 then any Sonny Terry or Peg Leg Sam lessons In Depth or Hobo series lessons.

Intermediate/advanced Tongue Blockers: 

Pick and choose from my In Depth Lessons and Hobo series. ( Most of these can be adapted for pucker too:)

enjoy!     Ed

The harmonica is a prominent feature in much of the Bluegrass & Country music we love.

In this 3 part beginners Online Bluegrass Harmonica course, I'll guide you through the fundamentals of Bluegrass & Country harmonica step-by-step. 

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